Friday, July 17, 2015

Availability for the week of 7/20/15

Gosh! What beautiful days...

I'm in Rhinebeck this weekend, and learning so much from teaching so exhaustively. Seriously. I feel like I'm emptying the contents of my brain in every workshop and discovering ideas from 1998 that got stuck in the dark recesses of my own body. Excited to share.

Also have some musings to share about the last teaching practicum on the blog...a messy and wonderful improv jazz sesh! (see previous post).

Enjoy this idyllic day!

Monday, July 20th
6PM @ Tribeca

Tuesday, July 21st
Noon-3PM Open Sign up
5PM Core Integration w/ Dana

Wednesday, July 22nd
10:45AM @ Greenpoint Tattoo
6PM @ Tribeca

Cory Nakasue
Instagram: @bodyintel

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Practicum Notes 6/25: Improv jazz and the body as unconscious mind

There was something very groovy about last practicum that reminded me of improvisational jazz. I was really impressed by the level of attunment in everyone who that is what we're trying to develop here--attunment, body to body, nervous system to nervous system, in the moment, in real time.

The teachers and I took more time to discuss what we wanted to explore before the "bodies" came in. We took time to do some movement and get into our "moving voice" as well.

Once the bodies came in, the rest was jazz. Riffing on themes of shoulder stability and how that relates to pelvic floor access and how that relates to Skinner technique, and how that relates to Feldenkrais...swapping bodies, props, and machines, then seamlessly trading roles. However, this was no free-for-all. It was more like searching every nook and cranny for a full understanding and expression of an idea--getting inside a particular movement in a particular body and listening for that body's own unique declaration of why it does what it does; again body to body, nervous system to nervous system.

Working moment to moment, in real time, not only keeps you  in a creative place, it gives you as a practitioner access to your client's "unrehearsed" movement patterns. Just getting your clients to move, and following the rhythms, themes, and progressions of what you see gives you a front row seat at their sub/unconscious thought patterns--usually (at least) 50% of the story behind a movement pattern. And, once you're "jamming" with the  body as unconscious mind, you have true mind/body work going on, and THAT is powerful stuff--that's when/where transformation happens.

These musings inspired in part by Freud's Lost Chord: Discovering Jazz in the Resonant Psyche

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Open Hike in Rhinebeck + Saturn Return Readings!

Hi All,
Hope you're all finding ways to keep from melting.

OPEN HIKE in Rhinebeck
It's not too much cooler or drier upstate, but if you happen to be in the Hudson area next weekend, we'd like to open up afternoon hikes for anyone who wants to join. We want to put some of what we've been learning in our hiking ergonomics sessions into action. Shoot me an email, and we'll arrange a time.

A couple of you have asked for your Saturn return readings, so I'm brushing up this month on Saturn specifically. A lot of astrologers will tell you that if you get your Saturn Return "wrong" that you're screwed. This is utter bullshit. The planets do not make things happen to you. HOWEVER, if you take the opportunity to check in with yourself at this time, it could be incredibly helpful and provide some stunning moments of clarity. So, if you're one of my many friends on this list who is in their late 20s, schedule a return reading with me in August! xxC

Monday, July 13th
4PM Open sign up
6PM @ Tribeca

Tuesday, July 14th
3PM Open sign up
5PM Core Integration w/ Dana

Wednesday, July 15th
11:30AM Pilates Mat w/ props + myofascial release
2PM-4PM Open sign up
6PM @ Tribeca

July 16th-19th Rhinebeck Retreat

Thursday, June 25, 2015

July News

Lots of stuff!


#1 I will be on summer break July 2nd-July 5th
# 2 I will be teaching a private intensive in Rhinebeck, NY July 6th-July 8th
#3 I will be teaching at a private retreat in Rhinebeck, NY July 17th- July 19th and July 24th- 26th
#4 Ms. Dana Florin-Weiss will be teaching a core series at my place July 7th- 28th (more info:
#5 My room is available for sublet when I'm out of town + 1 day on either side.

Phew! A little more about the stuff.

I'll be staying at a lovely house in Rhinebeck debuting a service that custom delivers a total movement overhaul. I'll be covering neuromuscular re-education, mind/body practice, and "everyday ergonomics."  There may be a couple sessions open to the public. It's a pilot program, so I'm sure there will be adjustments. I will let you know if those become available. Otherwise, if you're out in the Hudson Valley, come visit anyway. I have the evenings off!  House is close to many Rhinebeck attractions.

My weekly schedule between Monday evenings and Thursday mornings will remain largely unchanged.

Dana will be teaching a regular Core Integration class on Tuesdays at 5PM. Please do not be shy about asking for private sessions, duets, or trios.

Thanks so much. Happy summer!

Thursday, June 25th
Teaching Practicum 6:00PM-7:30PM (Teachers @ 5PM)

Friday, June 26th

Monday, June 29th
6PM @ Tribeca

Wednesday, July 1st
10:45AM @ Greenpoint Tattoo

July 2nd-8th
Out of town

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Series with Dana Florin-Weiss

Dana is guest teaching at my place this summer. This series looks amazing. I think I'll have to drop in on this one.

If the weather is exceptional, the roof deck is an option...

Exploring Core Integration

How do we identify the physical core of our bodies? How can the strength of the core resonate through the body as a whole? In this four class series, through guided and personal investigation, we will bring awareness to the innate intelligence of our anatomical design. Combining Pilates exercises with movement/release work, we will work to find strength, ease and balance. The goal is to awaken every corner of the body from head to toe!

6 spots only -- Come with questions/areas of interest!
July 7, 14, 21, 28 -- Tuesdays 5pm-6pm
(Drop ins welcome if space allows)

A dance artist with a passion for anatomy, biomechanics, and touch therapy, Dana works to integrate strengthening, stretch and movement into her mat class. Believing that a balanced body begins with a strong and vital core, Dana's class will challenge individuals to build greater physical awareness and develop supple, coordinated strength to support the moving body. Dana has studied with Jennifer Nace and Kelly Kane receiving her certification from the Kane School of Core Integration. Dana continues to dance, create, share and teach in Brooklyn and beyond.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Practicum Notes 6/19

So, that was a bit of a whirlwind. I like that teachers got to get their hands on people and work with a specific exercise for a good long time. I like that students also got to move right away. For this particular group of people this ended up being okay. And the students felt great afterwards, so well done teachers!

But, in my attempt to make sure everybody got moving and working, we lost focus on the discs! I don't want students to feel like they're hanging out while we're talking and setting up our intentions, focus, etc. So, for the next one, I'm going to have teachers meet early, to set up the topic we'll be working on.

Next topic is, "the diagnosis." What are some tools we can use to begin the investigation of why our clients feel the way they do. When they come to see you, they are usually there to answer questions as profound as, "where are my panic attacks coming from?" or as mundane as, "why is my ass so flabby?"  The diagnosis is so important because that will be the foundation of how you design that person's "course of treatment." Ya dig? Alright.

Moving forward:

Just want to reiterate that this is YOUR practicum to use as much, as little, as creatively as you desire. Please use me as a resource. I have a lot to give at the moment. Use the space as your lab. This is not about me administering a curriculum for you to get proficient at. It's about teachers taking responsibility for and addressing their needs and getting them met.  Confused about shoulders? Please propose a shoulder practicum. You want to practice integrating a new skill in a supportive environment? Book the space, and let's get students. Let's get specific. Let's get weird.

For "bodies" who want to keep participating:
You can propose topics too. What interests you? What kinds of challenges are you working with? The more diverse, the better. We're all here to learn. Thanks for your awesomeness yesterday. So lovely. Everyone. xxC

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Interdisciplinary Teaching Practicum (ITP)

Interdisciplinary Teaching Practicum (ITP)

I’ve had the great fortune of mentoring a couple of teachers who are committed to developing their work in clinical, interdisciplinary approaches to movement.  We’ve spent hours in conversation, recommended readings, observations, etc.

It’s time for them to get some hands on experience.

At this point in time ITP is:

·      A project and experiment that brings teachers and students together. 

·      An affordable laboratory for certified teachers in multiple disciplines, medical students, holistic care givers etc., to synthesize and define a wide array of skills and interests. 

·      An affordable place for students who are open to alternative movement practice to explore and deepen their body work.

·     A place for practitioners to get supportive and challenging feedback. 

·      A forum for peers.

We are going to schedule a few workshops this summer, and if all goes well, do something more structured in the fall.

If you’re interested in mentorship or participating in an interdisciplinary movement workshop
Please contact: 

Upcoming workshops:
June 18th 2:00PM-3:30PM Healthy Discs/Vertebral Disc Injury

June 25th 6:00PM-7:30PM Pilates applications for neck, shoulder, upper back tension, if we have time we'll touch upon the subtle body and psoas.

*Mentoring Philosophy*

Certification programs are great for immersing yourself in a particular discipline, but they don't necessarily build teachers. Therefore a "teaching certification" is a bit of a misnomer (an expensive one). The best teachers are artists. You can't teach someone their worldview, aesthetic, or expressive sensibility. You can only guide and support their process, and keep them honest, so that their artistry has some depth and integrity. I'm interested in teachers who want to challenge what they think they know about the body/mind, and are ready to blow the doors off any limits to the applications of movement. 

I want to keep the process organic, spontaneous, and rigorous...the "old-fashioned" way:

1) Apprentice with a mentor and practice.
2) When you're ready, teach.
3) If you have trouble acquiring and maintaining clientele, you might not be ready.
4) Repeat step 1.

Everyone is welcome. Let's throw this puppy against the wall and see if it sticks!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pilates Fundraiser for AIDS/LifeCycle

Dear Friends,

Please SAVE THE DATE of Saturday, May 2nd @ 3PM for a very special class dedicated to raising funds for AIDS/LifeCycle | Ride to End AIDS.  I will not be doing any cycling, but I will be teaching class in support of a dear friend who is.  John Medina is so close to his goal of $10,000—let’s help him get closer! Loom Yoga Center has graciously donated space for a luscious 70-minute class of mindful movement, breathing, and core strengthening. All levels welcome.

This is an important cause and it will truly make a difference in people's lives.
Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family as well as those who may be interested in giving a tax-deductible donation.

Please click the links for more info about:
John Medina's long-standing history of raising awareness and money for AIDS organizations
Loom Yoga Center (recently voted Best Yoga Studio by Village Voice) 

I will bug you more about this in the coming weeks.


Pilates Fundraiser for AIDS/LifeCycle

Slow Flow Open Pilates Mat Class

Taught by Cory Nakasue

Hosted by Loom Yoga Center

Saturday, May 2nd at 3PM

$20 Suggested Donation


Thursday, January 1, 2015

What my students taught me in 2014.

Sometimes, I don’t think you’re fully aware of how much you teach me everyday, and how much you inspire my growth and curiosity. You make my life so rich and my world so big.

So, off the top of my head, with my first breakfast of 2015, here’s a list of some awesome things you brought into my life in 2014. If I listed everything you brought me, I’d be here until my first breakfast of 2016. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Top 20  What you taught me and what you gave.

1. You can direct the position of a baby in the womb through movement and other fun directorial prompts. This is choreography in utero.

2. Holding space for you to share yourselves in a generous and vulnerable way. If that means 30 minutes of talk followed by 30 minutes of movement, so be it. Better 30 minutes of mentally focused, emotionally positive movement than 1 hour of mentally distracted, emotionally agitated movement. Physical, mental, emotional congruence!

3. Thank you to my students who are actors, Butoh dancers, and fashion models for helping me to reimagine the psoas/diaphragm relationship in movement and performance.

4. Round ligament. Whoa.

5. Helping me further implement the role imagination plays in bridging the gap between possibility and actualization. Just because we can’t see what’s beyond the horizon doesn’t mean it’s not there. Imagination is a fundamental part in creating change.

6. Supporting me in my spontaneity and love of off-roading.

7. Surfing. The comeback.

8. Lack of energy/depletion does not come from excessive giving; it comes from too much holding back and resisting.

9. The walking meditation, Buddhist meditation, TM.

10. Some words (and food and customs) in Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese.

11. Introducing me to Miami, Oslo, Amsterdam, Maine, new places in my hood (NYC), and my hometown (LA).

12. Patience, trust, non-judgment, non-attachment-- everyday. Inspire instead of command.

13. This was the year of the feet, the breath, and myofascial release.

14. The deepening of my education about Scoliosis, Parkinson’s disease, and all things natal.

15. Inviting me into your worlds of publishing, music, fashion, medicine, art, and therapy. You are fascinating.

16. Reading tarot cards

17. How to write a business plan and have it be part of the creative process. Holding my hand through this adventure.

18. The gossip, the hook-ups, and the swag. Introductions to more amazing people.

19. Tears of laughter. Humbling me with your courage and commitment.

20. Poodles (you all have them. I love them all. And now I am obsessed.)

Much love to you all. Happy New Year!