Saturday, February 25, 2017

Solar eclipse Pisces 2/26/17. Baptism by Fire.

I’m surrounded by Pisces. Pisces friends, exes, students, clients, collaborators…I really have no business being around them, being of an Aries persuasion and all. The two really have nothing to do with each other; Aries is individuation, Pisces is unity. Aries is frank, Pisces is occult. Aries is the beginning, Pisces is the end. But, there’s a door in the “other people” area of my natal chart that swings wide open for the slippery sign of the fish.

I’m perpetually enchanted, frustrated, and lost with this energy. It’s an intoxicating miasma. For those of you who aren’t generally beguiled by Pisces’ special charm, let’s see you swim your way out of this eclipse. It’s the grand finale in an 18-month run of eclipses on the Pisces-Virgo axis. So this is the end. The end. (For about a decade anyway). Everything must go! The Pisces-Virgo axis is about purification and healing.

Any relationship that’s been hanging on by a thread, old situations on life support, projects on their last legs will be dissolved.  And you can forget about getting too comfy on that fence. If nothing comes up for you right now, see what washes up on the shore in the next few weeks. Pay attention to intuitive hits, gut feelings, and odd synchronicities. This is how Pisces communicates. Pisces wants you to be emotionally lean, gracefully let go, and float…onto the next thing.

Now, here’s where it gets really weird: at the exact time we get this dreamy eclipse in Pisces (conjunct Neptune and south node, with Mercury and Chiron hangin in Pisces too), we’re getting an exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Aries. That’s Mars, god of war, in his own sign conjunct Uranus, planet of rebellion. This is fireworks! This is sudden departure. Traditionally it’s violence, and accidents that arise from unchecked anger. It could be accelerated actions and unpredictable impulses of all kinds.

So, depending on where these aspects fall in your chart and what you’ve been up to the past couple of years, you may feel one vibe more than the other. You may feel both; sort of like floating up from the bottom of the pool and drawing your first breath of fire. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Full Moon Leo 2/10/17. Eclipse Season. Thoughts on Leo Leadership, and the Ego Axis.

Experiencing the Spectrum

Crazy times. Horrific times. Confusing, and amazing times.  Have you been able to locate yourself inside all of it?

That’s what this full moon in Leo is all about. You’ll read a lot about full moon energy that pits the sun against the moon, and see a lot of the abbreviation, “vs.” When I interpret full moons, I think of experiencing the full spectrum of one concept instead of pitting the opposite ends against each other.

You cannot talk about Leo without talking about Aquarius, and during a full moon, you cannot talk about the moon without talking about the light it reflects from the sun.

Leo Aquarius
Authoritarian Consensus
Nobility Proletariat
Heart Mind
Passionate love Brotherly love
Emotional expression Conceptual ingenuity
Creation Innovation
Integration Decentralization
Personal Public

and so on.

Believe it of not, this Leo moon looks radiant. Auspicious. Full of love and heart centered creativity. It looks like catching your own reflection in the mirror by surprise, and, not only loving what you see, but, noticing something new about yourself; something you’d like to share with others.

It looks like the perfect weather for creation. It’s a fertile time. A baby boom. Children of the body, the mind, the heart, or, the earth. Making a unique contribution to the whole.

Of course, you know, astrology is only weather. If it’s not married to your free will and consciousness, it goes unnoticed. Leo energy that’s left unattended by an adult can just spiral into constant applause-seeking, pageantry, narcissism, and DRAMA.  Well directed, Leo energy is all about productive manifestations of love and leadership. LEADERSHIP, as in caring for your crew and integrating them. Leadership is not a rank. Leadership is not the top-down distribution of orders. Leadership is not making decisions on the behalf of others. Leadership is inspiring others to do their own work with you.

Fun astro homework for students: Our last four presidents have strong Leo signatures: George W. Bush, Leo rising; Donald Trump, Leo rising; Bill Clinton, Leo Sun; Barack Obama, Leo Sun. Do a character study.

Leo wants to interact with and permeate a given social order or structure with their unique expression. Aquarius wants the unconventional and anarchic, rejecting limitation from any established order. This is the ego axis. Along this axis we do everything from exulting the ego to sublimating it.

If you have a strong Leo or Aquarius signature in your chart, you can find yourself swinging from one extreme to the other this month. We all have Leo and Aquarius represented somewhere in our chart. Eclipse season can bring about much emotional intensity for everyone.

Eclipses are portals to new cycles, so they are extremely energetic. They usher in massive change. Clean breaks with the past, and startling new beginnings. They are cosmic ass-kickers.

How to survive eclipse season?  Instead of looking for comfort in an outwardly, well-defined extreme, go inward. Try to sit in the middle of this axis, and consciously observe (Aquarius) how your buttons are being pushed. Create a way (Leo) to hold the best principles of both extremes at the same time…it is one concept after all. Two sides of the same coin. Make something out of that.

All of that warm, loving Leo energy is meaningless without its implementation and usefulness by and to the group. All of the genius, groundbreaking Aquarian concepts will remain just that…concepts, without emotional relevance.

What will you do with your strong urges to create and be recognized?
What new things do you notice when you look in the mirror?
How will you change and/or cultivate these new aspects of self?