Friday, December 7, 2018

The Shape of Things to Come/ Body Astrology: Capricorn

The solar New Year always takes place in Capricorn season. This is “Father Time’s” domain. It’s usually a time to celebrate traditions and families as well as review the past, and plan for the future.

Capricorn is all about time. It places great stake in lineage, origin, and precedent to dictate the way we succeed in the future. It likes to canonize and feel its gravity. It understands better than anything else that time is the key ingredient in fruition, maturation, and mastery. There’s simply no getting around it. Time is the architecture we hang our reality on. Ideas, feelings, and inspirations can be instantaneous but without time and effort nothing of concrete form can materialize.

Capricorn also represents our foundations. What are we building our more sophisticated structures on? Without a solid foundation our loftiest aspirations can result in unsustainable projects, relationships, and endeavors at best, or, at worst, work to our detriment. It’s the reality of needing to crawl before you can walk. It is not a step that can be skipped, and in the world of Capricorn there are demerits for cutting corners. The world of Capricorn is where all rewards and losses are earned. For a free ride go see Jupiter.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is often referred to as the “astrologers best friend.” When we follow Saturn’s cycle around the chart we can reliably see the manifestation of events and turning points that are unmistakable.

Saturn is really feelin’ itself right now and will for the next two years. It entered its home sign in Capricorn this time last year and will remain there until December 2020. The south node of the moon (an astrological point of over development and complacency) moved into Capricorn last month, and will move through it and host eclipses there until May 2020. Settle in to witness concrete examples of how well we’ve dealt with issues of social structures and organization, geographic and political boundaries, national securities, and sustainable agricultural and economic practices.

On a shorter cycle and more personal timeline, how was 2018 for you? What were the milestones or hardships? What passed muster and what fizzled?  Capricorn either delivers the goods or gives you a good butt kicking. It’s not always fun but it is always on your side. It’s always showing the way to make dreams reality…if you’re willing to put in the time.

Join Margherita Tisato and I as we explore our strength, test our endurance, and put thoughts and feeling into action at Body Astrology workshop. Wednesday, December 19th at 7PM at Juniper. Please register early. We are no longer taking walk-ins.

Here are some ways to tap into this season’s abundant Capricorn energy.

EMBODIED Capricorn

Body parts: Saturn's job is to crystalize and harden. Skeletal system, bones, teeth, skin. Traditionally, the knees.

Key words: 

The Climb: The social climb, the ladder of success, to ascend, to rise to the top. Stratum. Rank. Ambition, goals, status. Achievement, mastery. Grades, levels, social STRUCTURES, hierarchies. The work it takes to achieve, accomplish, ascend.

The Boundary:  limitation, rules, earth-bound-3-D reality, consensus reality, constrict, conserve, definition, shape, form, contour, contrast, STRUCTURE, regulation, materiality, the six senses, the sensual, tests, barriers, responsibilities, obligations, commitments, containers.

The Foundation: the basics, the scaffolding, the architecture, the building blocks, the supports. The rudimentary. Tangible securities. STRUCTURE, format, the past, origins.

Father Time:  traditional, long-lasting, patience, time-tested, time-honored, reliability, routine, persistence, endurance, the ultimate STRUCTURE of time, the metronome, maturity, the past.

Polarity: Yin. Restricted, constricted, limited, conservative action. Restraint and reserve.

Modality/Element: Cardinal Earth. This is the start of winter and winter solstice. It is careful cautious initiation of all that is practical, material, and foundational.

Ruled by: Saturn. The symbol is the mountain goat or sea goat.

Embodied explorations:

Align and strengthen your bony architecture:
Activities such as Alexander Technique, dance, Pilates, Body Mind Centering, and Klein Technique help you understand the alignment of bones and joints to support conscious and considered movement habits.

Weight-bearing activity has been proven to strengthen bones and muscles and improve bone density. Develop and fortify your plank position. Pump some iron!

Vitamin D from sunshine, nuts and leafy greens have been proven to strengthen bones and teeth.

Climb a mountain or even some stairs! ASCEND through hard work and effort! Bike uphill.

Take care of your knees. Take some time to understand how they work and strengthen the muscles that support them. Show them some TLC.

Go slow. Move incrementally. Slowly build in intensity. We learn more about our bodies and build strength when we slow down.

Master the basics of an art form, practice or activity.

Give physical shape and form to an idea, feeling or intuition. Manifest!

Structure your time in a way that helps support your ambitions. How can you structure your morning, week, season, or year to give tangible form to your aspirations?

What is your relationship to time? Do you honor its passage? Do you squander? Do you adhere to a strict schedule? Are time, tempo, cycles and rhythms part of your consciousness?  How are your time management skills? 

Commit to a routine, project or schedule for a limited amount of time. How long can you keep this up? Test yourself. Build endurance. Measure your growth.

Check your mental, physical and emotional foundations.  Are your relationships, projects, finances, health routines built on supports that are sturdy, sustainable, and well constructed?  If not, take the time to fortify the structures and foundations that hold you up.

Take the time to cleanse, feed, and condition your skin. It’s our largest organ and the barrier/interface between what’s inside and what’s outside. Like all boundaries, skin works best when its flexible and can breathe. Boundaries are different than walls.

Saturn rewards all efforts made and all time taken to build something solid that has integrity. No short cuts.