Thursday, November 8, 2018

To Wax UNabashed about a distant TRUTH!!!! /Body Astrology: Sagittarius


I tried to cram everything Sagittarius in that there title. I think I got it. This is what Sagittarius does, it tries to get everything in there. Go ahead, ask them a question. They may or may not give you an answer but they’ll give you a lot of something with bonus features.

Join Margherita Tisato and I at Juniper on November 14th at 7PM as we prep for the all-encompassing action in Sagittarius! By mid- month Sagittarius will be host to the Sun, Jupiter (Sadge’s home planet), and retrograde Mercury. Talk about a shift in energy! Look forward to very, ahem, spirited family get-togethers!

Sadge season promises indulgence and cutting loose for sure, but the fun and games can get turn into some over-blown scenes of self-righteous zeal if we’re not careful (which it will be incredibly hard to be). Jupiter expands everything it touches and is blind to boundaries. On its own, holiday time can be socially sensitive, but mixed with the current socio-political climate things could get very inflated.

Mercury’s retrograde on the 16th makes communication sloppy and charged with bias. A worldview is not a fact. A belief is not knowledge. Sagittarius is Mercury’s least favorite place to be, never mind the drunken backspin. Mercury (the planet of objective reason and clear cognition) gets distracted by the roaming nature of Jupiter, its enthusiasm and ideologies.

Perhaps we can lean on some of Sadge's virtues like mercy, lenience, and faith in higher goodness to soften and forgive some cringe worthy moments. Maybe we can band together in the name of optimism and inspiration as we begin to set our aims for 2019.

EMBODIED Sagittarius

Body parts: Hips and thighs. All that ambulates. Especially up and out and covering a large distance. A lot of astrologers include the liver because of the indulgence aspect of Sagittarius.

Key words: 

The “Ex” Factor: Explore, expand, exaggerate, extra, expound, exotic, experience, exuberance, extrapolate, extravagance, excitement, exploitation, exult, export, excess, exclamation points!!!!!

Covering Ground: travel, traverse, adventure, trek, spread, dissipate, scatter, scattershot, disseminate, disperse, publish, updraft, aim and trajectory.

Good Time Charlie: hope, faith, belief, luck, laughter, fun, buoyant, boisterous, party, indulgence, loud, optimism, careless, tactless, freedom, wild, brazen, naked, abundance, sports, games, jokes, run-on sentences, and stories that go nowhere. TMI!

The Higher Mind: learn, teach, study, religion, philosophy, law, the quest, the inspiration, dogma, the abstract mind, academia, xenophilia, international business & culture, the journey, the truth. Belief.

Polarity: Yang. Sagittarius sprawls. It takes up space. It grows outward and floats upward. It’s extraverted.

Modality/Element: Mutable fire. The course of a wildfire can change with the wind, the fuel that’s available, and the landscape. It’ll go wherever. It’s wild and will spread its warmth, destruction, glory, knowledge…anything it picks up along the way. It literally knows no bounds. It destabilizes the fall season so we can move into winter.

Ruled by Jupiter: Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces. It’s the largest planet in the solar system. Sadge's symbol is the centaur or archer, or centaur as archer with an eye on the prize that’s off into the future or off in the distance. It’s Sadge’s nature to traverse that distance in search of….

The mythology of the centaur comes into play as well. The half-beast-half-human represents the journey from the “low” bestial expression of Sadge,  (drunken, carousing, sloppy, wasteful, squandering of time, resources and gifts, revelry and raucous behavior, indiscriminate, and debauched) to the “high” human expression of Sadge (education, law &order, religion, moralistic virtue, and all other abstract notions of human(e) existence, and the higher mind).

Embodied explorations:

Propulsion and all locomotor movement. Jump for joy. Travel through space.

Moving through and taking up space (external size and space)

Finding space in the body and in the mind (internal size and space)

Strengthening, stretching and stabilizing the hips and thighs so we can cover a lot of territory, have a long journey


Supersize it! (a gesture, an idea, a feeling, a thought) make it a big deal.

Stabilize it! (Can you tell when you go too far, over indulge, lose your sense of direction?)

What are you learning on your journey? Are you too invested in your destination? Have you forgotten where you’re going?

Walk, run, gallop, prance. Use your legs.

Climb that mountain, run that race, see what you’re made of. Internal and external adventures and explorations!

What uplifts, inspires, creates buoyancy? Think trampolines, hot air balloons, getting out in wide-open spaces. Skydiving anyone?

Go beyond a limit or threshold. Go into uncharted territory. Make a discovery.

Target practice: Archery, darts, shooting hoops. Practice your aim so you know when you’re traveling toward your vision or if you’re scattering energy. Follow a trajectory.

Expose yourself to the language, art, food, music, traditions of another culture.

Expand your mind. Study the many embodiments of truth from around the world and throughout time.


Sagittarius poem #2

Brick-red lispstick
stained leaves. These aren't trees
they're overgrown flowers. I've written four thousand
poems walking
along Glen Street. Gleaming copper pennies
in the sun, chocolate coins wrapped in gold
foil shimmering their sweet fake money and falling
to the ground like a


bank. I wanna harvest these treasures, stomp ‘em
with a smash-crackle-crunch.
This is everything! To wonder
what's what. What's real? What's too fucking fuchsia
to be true?
To be challenged by a fathomless beauty
that gives

birth to all possibilities by crushing rust-hued
assumptions like,

This is how things are.
This is who I am.
This is what I know.

The senseless fluorescents and kaleidoscopes on Glen Street make me scream.

And the trees scream back in neon:


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  1. What a thought provoking poem. Got a really fall-like feeling from it.