Saturday, July 11, 2015

Open Hike in Rhinebeck + Saturn Return Readings!

Hi All,
Hope you're all finding ways to keep from melting.

OPEN HIKE in Rhinebeck
It's not too much cooler or drier upstate, but if you happen to be in the Hudson area next weekend, we'd like to open up afternoon hikes for anyone who wants to join. We want to put some of what we've been learning in our hiking ergonomics sessions into action. Shoot me an email, and we'll arrange a time.

A couple of you have asked for your Saturn return readings, so I'm brushing up this month on Saturn specifically. A lot of astrologers will tell you that if you get your Saturn Return "wrong" that you're screwed. This is utter bullshit. The planets do not make things happen to you. HOWEVER, if you take the opportunity to check in with yourself at this time, it could be incredibly helpful and provide some stunning moments of clarity. So, if you're one of my many friends on this list who is in their late 20s, schedule a return reading with me in August! xxC

Monday, July 13th
4PM Open sign up
6PM @ Tribeca

Tuesday, July 14th
3PM Open sign up
5PM Core Integration w/ Dana

Wednesday, July 15th
11:30AM Pilates Mat w/ props + myofascial release
2PM-4PM Open sign up
6PM @ Tribeca

July 16th-19th Rhinebeck Retreat

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