Friday, June 19, 2015

Practicum Notes 6/19

So, that was a bit of a whirlwind. I like that teachers got to get their hands on people and work with a specific exercise for a good long time. I like that students also got to move right away. For this particular group of people this ended up being okay. And the students felt great afterwards, so well done teachers!

But, in my attempt to make sure everybody got moving and working, we lost focus on the discs! I don't want students to feel like they're hanging out while we're talking and setting up our intentions, focus, etc. So, for the next one, I'm going to have teachers meet early, to set up the topic we'll be working on.

Next topic is, "the diagnosis." What are some tools we can use to begin the investigation of why our clients feel the way they do. When they come to see you, they are usually there to answer questions as profound as, "where are my panic attacks coming from?" or as mundane as, "why is my ass so flabby?"  The diagnosis is so important because that will be the foundation of how you design that person's "course of treatment." Ya dig? Alright.

Moving forward:

Just want to reiterate that this is YOUR practicum to use as much, as little, as creatively as you desire. Please use me as a resource. I have a lot to give at the moment. Use the space as your lab. This is not about me administering a curriculum for you to get proficient at. It's about teachers taking responsibility for and addressing their needs and getting them met.  Confused about shoulders? Please propose a shoulder practicum. You want to practice integrating a new skill in a supportive environment? Book the space, and let's get students. Let's get specific. Let's get weird.

For "bodies" who want to keep participating:
You can propose topics too. What interests you? What kinds of challenges are you working with? The more diverse, the better. We're all here to learn. Thanks for your awesomeness yesterday. So lovely. Everyone. xxC

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