Monday, September 4, 2017

Pisces Full Moon 9/6/17 Perfection Paradox/True Info

This lunation is loaded:
(I consider a full moon “in effect” 3 days before and after its peak)

Mercury Rx conjunct Mars on the eclipse point September 3,              Sun opposite Neptune September 5,
Mars ingress Virgo Sept 5, Mercury stations direct on the eclipse point Sept 5, Full moon Pisces conjunct Neptune Sept 6
If this lunation doesn’t hit you square in the soft and vulnerable parts, or drive you to drink (or watch too much TV or sleep too much, choose your favorite escape hatch), consider yourself more sturdy than most. If a game-changing piece of info isn’t unveiled I’d be surprised, but not outrageously so. You could miss it. Information coming to us now is hard to decipher—it could be deeply felt, but we might have an especially difficult time trying to identify it in any concrete way.

We have a full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (Pisces' ruler). This is as spaced out, blissed out, and fogged up as it gets. It’s also as sensitive, imaginative, and healing as they come. Pick your elixir or poison. Neptune/moon Pisces is about the erosion of barriers to feeling. Pisces dissolves what’s in the way so it can all get in. It’s overwhelming.

In the throes of Piscean overwhelm our most natural inclination might be to find the closest numbing solution and apply liberally. We can do that, or we can take advantage of what is meant to be a growth opportunity and feel as much as we can by listening. There’s some emotional gold in the information bubbling up now; clues about how to heal, where to soften, and what to let go of.

I know that’s some pretty soft talk for the middle of Virgo season. Virgo’s excited to get back into the office after a very sloppy summer. Virgo’s ready to fix everything this summer broke, reorganize what summer dismantled. This Pisces full moon says, “hey Virgo, I wanna have another swim, another drink, another nap. Let’s feel our way into fall. TECHNICALLY IT'S STILL SUMMER!” This oppostional energy might have you feeling at odds with yourself. Try to remember that Pisces and Virgo are two poles on the axis of perfection. They’re actually trying to achieve the same end. Pisces tries to achieve this by way of wholeness. When we talk about a “perfect” circle, we’re talking about perfection in terms of completion, totality, the all-encompassing. Virgo’s pursuit of perfection is about the essential. It’s constantly discerning what is integral from the dross. Virgo is the master editor. Virgo keeps it lean.

We are encouraged to work both ends of the spectrum at full moon time. But, what does “full moon time” mean? Quite simply, there are times that are loaded and times that are more neutral. This lunation is loaded. That’s it. Sorry to burst any mystic bubbles, but one of the reasons I counsel and teach is to demystify. I actually DO intend to poke some holes in some cherished enchantments. Ironically when we extinguish some fantasies---some illusions, we get some real magic. How’s that for a paradoxical Piscean paragraph? The Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces leaves the earthly plane to come home.

Some examples of how you can work this Pisces/Virgo paradox:

Be disciplined about letting go. Work hard at experiencing without judgment. Channel deep sensitivities and surreal imaginings into precise words, images, or sounds. It’s a wonderful time to be in the painting, writing, or dance studio, get behind the camera, see your Jungian dream analyst, be in a flotation tank, or sauna. You could also sleep, drink, or binge Netflix through this full moon, but we’re more susceptible to toxins right now (remember, no boundaries), expect a nasty hangover. And yes, binging on mental and emotional crap can give you a kind of “hangover.”


And now for something completely different. As we swim in a sea of illuminating yet murky emotional info, Mercury stations direct on the Leo eclipse point after it conjuncts Mars. This energy, along with Mars freshly in Virgo can be spiky, hypercritical, and quarrelsome. It will be around for the rest of the month. The Pisces moon actually softens the blow of this a bit.

The eclipse point is still hot and will be reactivated. When Mercury stations direct we can experience important info coming to light, info that could help us move forward. It’s happening in Leo, so it could be dramatic. It’s happening on the eclipse point, so it could be life altering. It’s conjunct Mars so it could be aggressive, or at the very least spur you to action.

Some of us will be dealing more with Pisces activity, others with eclipse-y/Virgo. Some of us will have the joy of interacting with both, making for a possibly schizophrenic time. But, here is where astrology becomes useful; see if during the course of the next two weeks you can identify what you’re working with. Are you fired up or floating away? Making active decisions about the way you engage with and name what life throws at you can help you to feel considerably more sane.

One thing that these two disparate modes of activity have in common is information crossing the threshold from unknown to known.  It might bubble up from the deep recesses of your heart, it could be a piece of gossip you overhear, and yeah, the time is ripe for skeletons to tumble out of closets. The truth, however it comes out, is nothing to fear. And, it’s a VERY important time to define for ourselves how we know what’s true (shout out to Aaron Dias for bringing this up in my last yoga class).

When something that’s been suppressed sees the light of day it gives us something to work with. I think that’s something we’re all hungry for; something that feels true within ourselves, the sense that we have access to the info necessary to make decisions, and trust the people we surround ourselves with to share information that effects us.  

A lot may come up and out right now. With the Piscean influence, some of it may be cryptic, hazy, or just plain confusing. With the Leo/Mars influence it might be overblown or defensive. Let’s see how much we can take in, and rest when we need to. We’re being called to take it all in so we can feel it…but, once felt, we don’t have to keep it. Think of it as emotional hygiene.

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