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Full Moon Aries 10/5/17 Achin' To Be

Masculin Feminin by Godard
Basically, how I see this week into next: Mars and Venus in endless conversation with Mercury rolling its eyes in the corner, playing referee, devil's advocate, and color commentator by turns.

Oppositions abound! What does this mean? Tension? Attraction? War? YES! Am I shouting?! Sorry. We have a full moon in Aries to contend with.

Aries explodes onto the scene then makes a sudden departure. No announcement. No fanfare. It is pure action. It is immediate and impulsive. The eternal infant of the zodiac it never outgrows its direct line to its desires. Aries always finds ways to be born. If there are obstacles to its desires or anything that might thwart their need for rebirth it will be seen as an opponent. Or, it might not be seen at all. If you have nothing to do with what Aries is trying to accomplish, it will simply forget that you’re there and start a war out of pure obliviousness.

No. I do not like the sound of that either given our current political climate.

Aries is where you may feel your aggression, desire, and impatience calling you up. It’s where your trigger finger is going to get itchy and where you’re going to feel ready to floor the gas pedal. If you’ve been making your way down a birth canal of sorts…you’re ready to come out.

This lunation happens all over a stellium (3-4 planets) I have in Aries. And I happen to be doing a full moon reading at a friend’s birthday party on the 5th. This moon will figure prominently in her Libra solar return chart as it will for all those born the first 2 weeks of October. I may not have much to drink this evening. I may not need to.

All of you out there with planets or sensitive points in the mid-degrees (11-17) of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), KA-POW!! For better or worse, of course. It’s gonna get loud up in here.

 Here’s the Full Moon breakdown (Aries loves bullets):

·      Sun Libra-Moon Aries opposition (aka full moon) square Pluto in Capricorn: Passion, exposure, power struggles, transformation.

·      Mars Venus conjunction in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius: A strong urge to start new relationships or new phases in relationships and the urge to create using emotion and physical action— all being frustrated or delayed for their own good. Or you just have to put in a lot of hard work and patience, or display maturity to see any results in these areas.

·      Moon Aries-Mercury Libra opposition: sensitive communications around relationships, or insensitive conflicts surrounding what “I” want.

·      Neptune Pisces quincunx Mercury Libra: over-idealization leading to disappointment, disillusionment, deception, and lack of clarity with communications. Get your facts straight. Tell the truth. Discern what’s real from what you project on others. Extremely important with all the hot impulsiveness flying around.

·      Jupiter Libra-Uranus Aries opposition separating: The larger, big-picture version of the Aries full moon. It’s on its way out but this lunation pulls it back in to highlight the Venus-Mars conversation.

And now for something more lyrical in the style of Libra:

As we can see there is a lot of relating going on here. Venus-ruled Libra always wants to know “what’s going on with us?” Libra has a difficult time answering questions without knowing what it’s in relation to; and whatever it is relating to, the goal will always be the creation of harmony between this and that, you and me.

Harmony is a beautiful thing, except when it’s not.  Like anything, harmony and equanimity can be overdone. When a lovely exterior or one too many compromises are chosen at the expense of addressing uncomfortable, difficult or downright ugly feelings, all that pretty loses its charm.

I don’t love the way this Mars-ruled Aries moon looks (especially square a freshly stationed Pluto- direct motion). I don’t like the look of an emotionally reactive moon in the sign of “the infant” and war, square the planet of power and upheaval. It’s not pretty. I don’t think the Sun/Mercury in Libra is a match for it. Moon in Aries is too fast. But we'd be foolish to think that Libra won’t try to charm, intellectualize, and talk their way into a win. Libra is Venusian and beautiful and all that, but it is still cardinal, it takes action. What will we try to balance with our intelligence, conversation, and desire to make things fair? Will it be enough given the rampant inequity in the world? And if there are grave inequities in our personal lives, those will be felt as well.

I’m hoping by this point you see how the concurrent Mars-Venus in Virgo conjunction has such a strange and sonorous echo for this full moon. Instead of Mars and Venus being opposed, the rulers of Aries and Libra are conjoined in the sign of Virgo. This is sacred sex.  They want to be together and start a new relationship. We have that available to us as well (especially if you have planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) in the later degrees (18-23). Think back a couple of weeks to what your new moon Virgo intention was; here is your full moon Aries baby.


So let’s extinguish the fire of Aries for a moment and reflect on other aspects of Aries at our disposal.

On the other side of that obliviousness is innocence and honesty. Aries usually means well and wants to be courageous. Because it’s so immersed in its own being, it forgets to look around. It doesn’t know how to complicate its pure directive with so many different motives, worldviews, and agendas. It simply aches to be.

Can we all find ways to be brave enough to be naked with our wants, but still try to do relationship with each other and the world? It’ll take guts to get through some of these difficult encounters and conversations. But that’s where Aries shines.

For all you Paul Westerberg fans:

Achin’ To Be

Well she's kind of like an artist
Sittin' on the floor
Never finishes, she abandons
Never shows a soul

And she's kind of like a movie
Everyone rushes to see
And no one understands it
Sittin' in their seats

She opens her mouth to speak and
What comes out's a mystery
Thought about, not understood
She's achin' to be

Well she dances alone in nightclubs
Every other day of the week
People look right through her
Baby doll, check your cheek

And she's kind of like a poet
Who finds it hard to speak
Poems come so slowly
Like the colors down a sheet

She opens her mouth to speak and
What comes out's a mystery
Thought about, not understood
She's achin' to be

I've been achin' for a while now, friend
I've been achin' hard for years

Well she's kind of like an artist
Who uses paints no more
You never show me what you're doing
Never show a soul

Well, I saw one of your pictures
There was nothin' that I could see
If no one's on your canvas
Well, I'm achin' to be

She closes her mouth to speak and
Closes her eyes to see
Thought about an' only loved
She's achin' to be
Just like me

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