Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Tyranny of Definition/ Body Astrology: Leo

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I struggle to find
an entry point into this chaos, so why not stand
in the middle of it— locate its beating heart
and find the spine that this apparent mess hangs on?


I guess the only way to enter Leo season is to enter dramatically. And WOW! Does this Leo season make an entrance!? Here’s what accompanies the sun moving into Leo on July 22nd:

July 26th Mercury stations retrograde in Leo
July 27th Mars Rx opposes the sun in Leo
July 27th Total lunar eclipse. Full moon in Aquarius.

No sudden moves please. This Leo season has edge. It cuts. It has the potential to be clean and conscious or a dumpster fire that leaves everyone confused and pointing fingers (we got big retrogrades too). Whichever way this season shakes out, it’s begging us to revolutionize our attitudes about leadership and how we IDENTIFY ourselves AND the people we consider “other.” It’s asking us clarify who we are as individuals and understand that those nameless, faceless, masses of people that we lump into categories are made up of unique individuals as well. Human beings.

It’s easy to dismiss those who seem different from the things we IDENTIFY with. Adopted and projected values and definitions are easy to understand, manipulate, and give us a sense of control. They “insure” a sense of personal safety—that we might not be challenged to grapple with the messier nature of our own personal make up: all the ways we don’t make sense, all the ways we don’t fit in, all parts of our selves we find repugnant or shameful or just plain confusing. So much easier to disown. Until they show up in someone or something else.

This season gives us front row seat to SHADOW. Our own personal shadow and the shadows we cast in our relationships, friendships, and group associations. It is a time that is ripe for violent conflict or a productive reckoning with all that we consider “not me” “not us.” We are going to be challenged to understand and own all of it. This is the very foundation of true leadership. The ability to see our whole selves unflinchingly, creates identity based on something real. A person who has owned their whole self has the ability to love and respect a wide variety of people and has the potential to lead them. It’s leadership based on an expression of self that’s authentic and recognizes that a wide variety of people are acceptable and worthy. When we embrace who we are authentically the flimsy labels, and superficial constructs fall by the wayside and we are free from the tyranny of definition.

And so begins Leo season. Join Margherita Tisato and I on Wednesday, July 25th at 7PM at Juniper Yoga & Healing Arts so we can approach how some of these ideas resonate in the body. We’ll spend most of our time exploring the archetype of Leo. There will be lots of energy to work with! Here’s a peek at my Leo notes to Marghe. You can use it as a jumping off point to shape your movement practice so it harmonizes with the season. Enjoy!

Leo Body Astrology Primer:

Leo is super yoga friendly. Here are some obvious practices:

Leo is ruled by the sun, so sun salutations! Get out there and bask!

Leo rules the heart and spine (love and courage). Open your heart to send and receive love. Strengthen your “backbone.” In French “couer” means “heart,” and is the origin of the word “courage.” Leo knows that to love and to allow yourself to be loved is not for the faint of heart.

It rules the ego. Meditation: Do you rely upon others for your sense of pride and confidence? Do your pride and confidence radiate from a place of self-knowledge and acceptance?

The symbol is the lion: lion’s breath.

It’s a fixed fire sign: breath of fire.

It’s the sign of royalty and regalness: king dancer pose, queen’s pose (restorative), and goddess pose.

Leo represents life’s rich pageant. Drama. Ceremony. Theatricality. Romance. Share and show off! (As long as your joy TRULY comes from sharing and your happiness is not based on impressing others.)

Leo rules children, play, and all the “creations” (including procreation and recreation): Child’s pose, games, playful sex.

It’s everything we do to feel alive and vital. Laughter.

More About Leo:

MODALITY: Fixed. Sustained energy.

ELEMENT: Fire. Contained and nurtured energy. It’s the warm glow of the campfire (in contrast to the spark of Aries or the wildfire of Sagittarius).

Polarity: Yang. The EXPRESSION of love and pride in self.

More Embodied Explorations:

Heart openers, chest expanders

Spine and back strengtheners

Taking up space without infringing on the space of others. Tricky*

Showing your SELF to others. (“Look at what I can do!” 5-year-old energy).

What does it feel like in your body to take a risk? Where in your body, or
what physical practices make you feel confident enough to take risks?

What does it feel like in your body to turn any situation into a game?

Where does shame live in the bodymind? How do we find compassion for these places so that we may express more of ourselves? Shame is injured Leo energy. Shame dims the light. The sun’s purpose is to shine. How do we nurture our fire so it continues to glow?

What is there to love about myself? My life? Every person I meet?

Happy Leo Season! XC


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