Thursday, May 17, 2018

Gemini Season. The Intentional Bend.

Gemini is the surfer of the zodiac. It waits for a wave to roll in and rides it. Surfing this wave successfully demands absolute elasticity and exclusive residency in the present moment. The act of surfing is responsive, which is different from passive.

It requires deep listening and sensitivity to nuance. The mutable signs, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) when they work best are about the intentional bend and well-supported flexibility. This is very different from allowing forces, circumstances, and whims to have their way with you. When we talk about Gemini, we’re talking about the mental plane, so we’re talking about mental (and manual) agility that’s conscious.

When one of your virtues is mobility it can be tempting to move, allow, or switch just because you can. All that movement without any support or direction can look like chaos and weakness of structure or purpose. This doesn’t have to be the case if we use agility, permeability, and dexterity on purpose. The surfer responds to subtle change in the moment without giving up on their task and taking full responsibility for how they pay attention. I recently wrote about these qualities for Bomb Magazine as they relate to architecture.

Using the body as metaphor, let’s take a body that has very open joints and connective tissue and a predilection for lots of movement for movement’s sake. Without deep listening and consciousness, this body could habitually be thrown off course or knocked down. This body could develop ruts in movement that compromise this gift of openness. Without developed sensitivity this body won’t make informed decisions about when, where, and how much to bend. If we can feel this concept with our body we can understand it with our minds. Which again is the domain of Gemini. So, the question here is how do we harness our bodymind adaptability in ways that will support our highest good?

More about Gemini on the blog here.

Come to workshop on May 23rd and see what movement Margherita has cooked up for us! Here are your embodied exploration suggestions for Gemini Season! We will work with these in class as well.

·      Partner work (exchanges of weight, energy, social dancing, sparring) Gemini is about communicating, responding to, and exchanging information.

·      Transitions (HOW do we get from here to there?)

·      Breath Work (alternate nostril breathing would be a good one) Gemini rules the nervous system, hands and lungs. This type of breath work helps the right and left hemispheres of the brain work together. It stills the mind and stabilizes the nervous system.

·      Body openers (hip, chest, shoulder, spine) Gradual stretches and openings of the body with deep listening and attention. How far is too far? Is it your intention to allow that much movement or have you mentally checked out?

·      Coordination exercises: Pat your head and rub your tummy. Juggle. (You can think of better ones)

·      Agility exercises (choreography sequences, parkour, tennis, no video games please)

·      Anything involving communication or writing (move in a different language, write about your body, teach or learn a new move).

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