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FULL MOON TAURUS 11/4/17 Cost-Benefit Analysis or The Pleasure Principle

A Bacchanal by Sebastiano Ricci
I have two titles because, honestly, who’s going to read an astrology article with a title that reads like the heading of a financial statement. Bo-ring! However, this full moon is anything but dull. In fact it’s quite yummy. If you have the chance to enjoy good food, drink, music, art, sex, dancing, or shopping for luxury goods this weekend could not be better. AND it’s a good time to do a CBA…

But because we’re talking about a full moon in Taurus opposite the sun in Scorpio we are talking about assets and investments of the financial, energetic, and sexual kind primarily. We are talking about the circulation of resources. We are talking about giving up to gain. And because Taurus is the star of the show we’re also talking about the pleasure principle.

Luxe. Luxury. Luxuriate. Luxurious. Luxuriant. What do these words mean to you? Expensive? Of the highest quality? Waste? Excess? Abundance? Obscenity? Extravagance? Comfort?

The thing about Taurus and luxury is that it can go all of these ways at different times for different people. This full moon is one to bask in. It supports slowing down so you can feel every inch of your body, and just BE in it. Right now. In a “right now” that stretches out across the bed, the floor, the tub, the couch. A “right now” that stretches time. Free from any goal, expectation or story about what it means or should mean…

Wait wait wait! Who has time for this?! Must be nice to have no job, family, social obligations, personal goals, professional obligations, deadlines, and an endless supply of resources to do all of this unbound feeling with no productivity!

Which brings us back to the questions that Taurus asks: “what is it to be luxurious?” and “why do we need it?”  Because we DO need it.

Ironically, when we float into luxurious places of pleasure we sometimes chastise ourselves for wasting time and for squandering finite resources. But it takes these moments of sensuality to tune into to what is essential to our being. It takes these moments of being to tune into exactly what we need to be fed. No more. No less. Just what's needed. And when we take this time we often realize how little we need because we give ourselves the chance to actually experience what we have with appreciation; explore it in its totality. Every corner, every facet. This is how we come to know what we value. When we’re clear on our values—feel them in our bones—it’s easy to let go and open ourselves up to loss, which paradoxically is the only way to open ourselves up to gain.

Which brings us to this moon’s relationship with the current Scorpio sun. We can’t talk about the moon or Taurus without talking about feeding; which is what occurs at every full moon. The sun feeds the moon light.  Put another way, the conscious/ego/personality (sun) shines a light on the unconscious emotional body (moon). The Scorpio sun is shining an unsparing light on what you have. Now is the time to feel, taste, and place value on what you have, linger there, and own it. Even when we are at are most depleted we always possess SOMETHING. Even if it’s just the fact that we’re still alive. If you’re down to your last bit of something, now is the time to take full ownership of that something and move through the world as someone who is resource-full.

When we feel pleasure with our senses and are in full possession of what we have we are able to withstand the stories about having-not, and the illusions that there is not enough. These fear stories, and scarcity illusions keep us moving through the world in a state of hunger and lack when the luxurious truth is we have everything we need. The question is do we value it? Careful with that question. Sometimes Taurus mistakes hoarding for valuing. On its worst days Taurus can hold on so tight to what makes it comfortable and what’s pleasing that it stagnates. Comfort turns into inertia and it can’t get off the couch. That's not valuing, it's clinging and laziness. I always characterize laziness as fear's favorite costume. 

Venus, the ruler of this full moon exactly opposes Uranus at this time. Uranus also opposed the last Libra new moon. Expect a continuation of themes involving new ways to do relationship and new insights into what we value. Some of these may be extremely novel or unexpected. Uranus aims to shock us out of outmoded ways of dealing with each other and ourselves.

What’s right beneath your nose, in plain sight? What can you feel with your skin? That’s real. Taurus is not a sign of ideas, intuition, or emotion. If you can touch it, count it as yours, and don’t take it for granted…another reason we sometimes feel hungry when we’re not is that we don’t RECOGNIZE something as valuable and care for it appropriately.

If Taurus is what we have and hold, the sun across the way in Scorpio is what we need from others and the price of that. Letting go of some of what we have in an exchange is needed if we are to change and and grow. When we perpetually live with our eyes on some prize that's not yet in our grasp we can enter a state of perpetual need where we never feel like we have enough and therefore are overly afraid of loss.

Use this full moon to revel in and care for all you have so you can happily give yourself away in the name movement, change, growth and gain.

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