Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Full Moon Aquarius 8/7/17 Partial Lunar Eclipse. The Breakthrough.

Jeanne Moreau and Sam Shepard

Hey Everybody. I’m writing this full moon report in sort of a wistful mood. I just learned earlier today that Sam Shepard and Jeanne Moreau have passed. I was a teenager when I happened upon both of these artists, and when I did it felt like I also found a way to experience parts of myself I didn’t know existed. These IDEAS were EMOTIONALLY stirring. This is how I THINK an Aquarius moon FEELS.

I’ve always had a thing for Aquarius. I’ve always had a thing for the iconoclast. Both Shepard and Moreau fit the bill (and btw, Shepard: prominent moon Aqua Moreau: sun/moon Aqua). Both were so important to the reimagining of America, theater, film, and the feminine. Aquarian ideals never fit in places that already exist.

Aquarius sees everything differently. It goes against the grain, and lives in the future. It’s left field, it’s lightning striking, it’s mad genius. It’s also the cool customer, the radical idealist, and the unsentimental intellectual.

Being ruled by both Uranus and Saturn, I’ve always felt that Aquarius was the most paradoxical of all the signs. It’s the sign of the collective and the rebel, detachment and passionate revolution, unconventionality and rigidity. My solution for working with Aquarius is to accept the whole frictive reciprocal nature of it and enjoy the sparks it creates. A keyword for Aquarius is “break”: it’s the big break, breakdown, breakthrough, clean break, break up or even the break in what we consider reality, i.e. time constraints and 3D reality (Saturn’s domain). It’s anything that finds its way into being against the odds.

Uranus needs something to break open or away from, hence it needs large communities, limitations, and institutions. If you’re into mythology you know about the gruesome showdown between Uranus (Ouranos) and Saturn (Kronos).

Without the container of tradition, rules, and laws, Aquarius has nothing to break from. It is hyper-aware, invested and concerned about these things but always in the interest of innovation. It always asks, “how can we do better for all?”  Its dedication to ideals for humanity at large is fierce, though sometimes too attached to the ideal or “the vision.”  It can be a little inhumane in the name of the very people it purports to help. Personal feelings and shining your individual creative light is Leo territory. That lives on the opposite end of the axis. Remember, at a full moon there’s always a conversation/balancing act between the two ends of an axis.

Both Uranus and Saturn figure strongly into this eclipse season. Uranus stations retrograde August 3rd, therefore concentrating its energy, Saturn is slowing down to station direct in a couple weeks (intensifying its energy), Uranus rules this full moon/ partial eclipse, and both are part of a fire trine that hovers around the solar eclipse point.

I would pay close attention to this full moon and how Uranus is touching your life/chart. I know the BIG eclipse is coming up, but the information you need to work with the solar eclipse is available NOW. It might show up as a rude awakening, bolt from the blue, or blessed epiphany.

This full moon is where you find your line
break. Your page
break. Where you break
with something, someone, somewhere, some
idea from your past
inspired by a picture
you can’t get out
of your head.
You’ll know where needs
It’s the place that feels
too tight.
It’s the place you know
your picture
can’t fit.

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