Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Containing a Wildfire. Jupiter stations direct. Full moon Sagittarius 6/9/17

Jupiter: What we believe.
Saturn: What is.
We can see how this duo can be each other’s worst nightmare or best friend. Taken with the worldview that whatever materializes (Saturn) is whatever we believe (Jupiter), we make a strong case for clarity about what our beliefs are, and where they come from. When we fail to take responsibility for what we believe and why, it can be very easy to view reality (Saturn) as encroaching upon our aspirations (Jupiter). It doesn't have to be this way. It is well within our power to realize our dreams if we are willing to take responsibility (Saturn) for them, and put faith (Jupiter) in ourselves.

BTW, if you feel you’ve been doing this work consistently already, congrats. This could be a celebration moon for y’all.

Sagittarius has been having its moment for the past couple of years because/in spite of Saturn occupying it. 2016 was about the Saturn/Neptune square (Sagittarius-Pisces. Facts vs. illusion. Dreams vs. reality), and this year is about the Saturn/Uranus trine (Sagittarius-Aries. Tradition vs. innovation. Earthquakes that re-structure).

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and this full moon. Our only Sagittarius full moon of the year, and it peaks within spitting distance of, you guessed it, Saturn. It’s not a tight conjunction, but close enough for Saturn to make sure that this full moon doesn’t get carried away (party pooper).

The Sagittarian archetypes: the crude loudmouth, the xenophile, the adventure-seeking nomad, and the evangelist/guru/philosopher. Jupiter is about E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N. It’s characterized by zeal. It’s unrestrained enthusiasm from the pulpit, behind the podium, and on the soapbox. It wants to go beyond in thought, word, and deed. Beyond what? Boundaries. Limits. Boundaries are Saturn’s gig. Saturn has been in Sagittarius for two and an a half years with 6 more months to go.

Traditionally Saturn and Jupiter are thought of as antagonistic to each other, but applied well, they can be quite complimentary. We associate a lot of positivity and luck with Jupiter. It’s a benefic planet, but you can have too much of a good thing. Unchecked Jupiter is where we indulge, become careless, and bite off more than we can chew. It’s where we attribute too much to luck, faith, and an incomplete grasp of the machinery that makes something work. This is where Saturn can be quite valuable.

I’ve seen many a face drop when we get on the subject of Saturn. It’s usually a signal of some dedicated effort ahead, a reigning in, a scaling back, due diligence, a test. Saturn pops Jupiterian bubbles. But if you want any of those lofty visions to take hold in a real-world type of way, Saturn’s your only hope.

Back to this full moon, and Jupiter station. That’s a lot of Sagittarius coming at ya, plus the element of fire in general. We are at the tail end of a fire trine (Saturn /Sagittarius, Uranus/Aries, North node/Leo). Aries is the igniting spark, Leo is the well-cultivated campfire, and Sagittarius is the voracious wildfire that spreads as wide and as long as there is fuel to feed it. In the case of Sagittarius that fuel is anything that bolsters conviction. Sagittarius likes laws, philosophies, dogma, etc., because it’s on a quest for the truth of something. It can forget that truth doesn’t lie anywhere “out there.” It can forget that the truth is subjective. Truth (Jupiter/Sadge) does not equal fact (Saturn/Cap). Sagittarius sometimes conflates the two. The difference is how we give meaning to something. Inherently, facts have no meaning at all.

Wherever this full moon and stationing Jupiter fall in your chart is where your personal truth and conviction will be fired up AND tested. It may feel extremely liberating or very uncomfortable, especially if it causes friction with the structures you’ve created in your day-to-day, or feelings like ungrounded fervor are overwhelming for you. If you’re anything like me, I kind of get off on that feeling of being 100% right (whether or not I am), of being unbound by convention…which can cause other problems. Remember that when we get a full moon, we have the opposing Sun’s energy at our disposal. Use some detached, prismatic Gemini energy to examine your convictions. 

Do you believe in them more than you believe in yourself? Are your fantasies fit for planet earth? Are you passions yours, or are they convenient “truths” you’ve adopted without sufficient scrutiny? Can you catch yourself in the act of confirmation bias?

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