Monday, January 23, 2017

New Moon Aquarius Astro Report: What a weekend! How about next weekend?

New Moon Aquarius January 27th

More work to do. TOGETHER.

Could there be a better energy for the current socio-political climate. (The answer is no.) Aquarius is the cool customer of the zodiac. Detached. Dispassionate. Aquarius is also quite complex. While, on the one hand it’s about the populace, equanimity, and fairness to a fault, it also has the reputation for eccentricity, individuality, and straight up rebellion. How can this be?

When working with Aquarius energy I like to think of the value of every “weird” part of every “strange” individual in the context of the whole. Aquarius is the other end of the spectrum of Leo’s energy (“I am most important because I’m most special”). Sorry Leo, I love you, but you get a juicy spotlight, loaded with an eclipse in a couple weeks. Aquarius on the other hand announces “We are all equally important because we are all so different.”  Every different type of person is needed for change. Every different type of experience is needed to understand our whole story. This energy will be strong for the following month regarding all endeavors that favor group effort, respecting (even extolling) differences, and re-distributing power and responsibility from a selected few to the many.

This time does not favor passion, but logic. Cool heads. Group effort for the benefit of the group. Aquarius is also a visionary energy. Forget about working creatively within an existing structure. This time favors epiphanies, break-throughs, break-outs, and break-downs! Tapping into information streams that we didn’t know existed. Until now. Busting through tired traditions and concretized systems that do not allow for the natural movement of the humans that live within them.

An exact Venus/Saturn square accompanies this new moon, so expect a side order of restriction, and an extra helping of “cold” during this period.  Not the warmest and fuzziest of times. But that’s ok. Let’s see what happens when we put our subjectivity and sentimentality on the backburner for a while. Mental clarity and objective decency toward our ALL humans, animals and our planet is a beautiful thing.

Mars comes home to Aries as well on this special Friday. There is massive energy with plenty of fight available to do all the work we need to do. There’s plenty to be angry about. But, to be effective, we have to channel that Aries aggression with the help of that very sober Venus/Saturn square. We have to consciously unite our power with EVERYONE else’s. You say you wanna revolution…

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