Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring! A quick guide to all things NEW!

First of all, I want to thank you for your patience and flexibility while I was making some transitions. I had a major growth spurt in 2015, and needed the time away from teaching and counseling to reorganize and streamline my services. So, here’s all the new stuff:

New Locations!
Fort Greene/Downtown Brooklyn
Those of you who see me for somatic therapy and astrology counseling can visit me at my new place. It should be easier for some of you. I get SO MANY subway lines! And, I still have an L train option--

I am now taking my Pilates/PT/NMR clients at Flesh & Bone Pilates Studio. The team there is awesome, and they have always been incredibly supportive of my approaches to body-mind work. Some of them even continue to be willing guinea pigs for my mad science experiments. I will also occasionally kick down some old-school classical work for their group mat, reformer, and tower classes. I will announce these as they come up in my newsletter, which brings me to—

New Scheduling!
My volume has been pretty high, and I’ve been having far less availability for “open scheduling.”  I was starting to feel pretty silly sending a schedule every week that had no availability. So, I’m only going to send a sign up schedule twice a month. You are always welcome to inquire about a date or time, or add your name to the waiting list for a time that has been booked.

A New Way to Pay!
I don’t know why it’s taken me 10 years to do this, but I now accept electronic payment and credit cards via Square Cash.

What’s Not New:
I still have morning community class in Greenpoint once a week, and evening community class in Tribeca twice a week. We have space for new students in both locations.

That’s the short list of what’s new. I learned so much while I was away, and got the chance to clarify and redefine what I offer as your teacher/therapist. I’m so over California. It was just a fling. She means nothing to me! I really can’t wait to come home.


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