Friday, August 2, 2013

Corporate services and next week's availability.

Hey, where is everybody? Oh, right it's August.

It's been an interesting summer so far. I've had the good fortune of acquiring some new clients who've trusted me to expand my practice. I've been having so much fun working with some of you on your acting training, voice work, and overall "movement makeovers" for your home and office. I've especially enjoyed the stints I've had with my corporate clients, and would love to add more in-office/ in-studio groups to my client base. If any of you happen to know of a group, corporation or other organization that would like on-site visits, please feel free to give them my contact info. If you're a little unsure of what I do with these groups, there's some information below. Time to sort out my fall schedule! Happy August! Thanks for all your support.

"I design specialized wellness programs, classes and workshops for corporations and schools. I've been doing this in New York City for about five years now, and love it so much that I'm looking to share this work with more people; especially creative people in high pressure environments who work long hours and weekends. For most of these people, finding time for consistent, quality fitness/wellness seems near impossible when you factor in travel time, child care arrangements, etc. I offer innovative solutions for people with these constraints who are looking to maintain high levels of energy, creativity, and concentration.

Some examples of what I offer include:

  • In office private and group visits.
  • "On the road visits" for off-site projects.
  • Flexible hours including midday and late night.
  • Classes designed around company needs at any given moment (i.e. late night restorative yoga sessions and guided breath work during high stress/ high output periods, 30-minute express yoga and Pilates classes for times when there is "no time," ergonomic movement assessments for those with chronic neck, shoulder, back, or wrist discomfort, etc.)
  • Performance coaching prior to big presentations and meetings.

Whether these programs are paid for by the company or the employees organize themselves, what makes these classes so popular is that they're getting customized work delivered to them at a fraction of the cost of gyms and business coaching corporations."

*End of pitch*

Here's the schedule:

Monday, August 5th
2PM Mat class 1 spot open
3:30PM & 7:45PM

Tuesday, August 6th

Wednesday, August 7th
2PM mat class 1 spot open
3:30PM & 7:45PM

Thursday, August 8th

Friday, August 9th
3:30PM Mat class 1 spot open

Saturday, August 10th

Cory Nakasue
Twitter: @coryspine

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