Monday, September 10, 2018

The Art of Partnership/ Body Astrology: Libra

Photo by Helen Levitte
Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and it’s the place in the chart where we come into contact with others. Up until Libra we’re pretty self-involved: learning about ourselves and amazed by what we can do. By the time we reach Libra we’ve developed a curiosity and craving for what is “not me.”

By exploring what we consider to be “not me,” we actually find out a whole hell of a lot about ourselves…to our delight or dismay. It’s these apparent differences that are Libra’s siren song. Immediately, Libra gets to work harmonizing the discord, smoothing out the rough edges, and greasing the wheels with beauty, intelligence, and diplomacy.

Sounds lovely doesn't it? When Libra doesn’t get the balance right, this ability can turn into the kind of denial that actually allows differences to grow. So sensitive is the Libran instrument to conflict, it can disrupt the very balance it so longs for with little white lies, superficial ornamentation, and sacrificing the selfhood it developed in those first 6 signs.

When Libra has a clear sense of self they can negotiate with the best of them in the name of authentic fairness. Libra is tougher than it thinks. Conflict can be seen as the best opportunity to work their symbiotic magic, and through the art of partnership show people how to be at peace with each other.

Being at peace with each other doesn’t necessarily mean liking each other.  The things we will go through to be liked, or “liked”!!!  The contortions we will put ourselves in for opinions we don’t even respect, or in an effort to not "rock the boat"! I’m not condemning anyone for this because we ALL do it…yes even you. When we experience social rejection it registers in the same pain centers of our brains that register physical pain. Humans are wired to get along…but that still doesn’t mean liking each other. But, when we’re not liked it tips off our nervous system to the possibility that we are not getting along.  This causes fear on a primal level. Hence the power of social media: a Libra dream and nightmare.

This Libra season go for the real deal. Let’s practice appreciating and even valuing difference. Let’s work our Libra out by having the hard conversations we need to with more respect and test our ability to leave our egos at the door but not our personal convictions. Let’s develop an inner peace and personal balance that’s so right with itself, no amount of external conflict can disturb it.

Join Margherita Tisato and I on September 19th at 7PM at Juniper for a centering and balancing practice that primes us to partner up.

Embodied Libra Cheat Sheet:

Body parts: Kidneys, skin, lower back, buttocks, outer hips, endocrine system (therefore homeostasis and equilibrium).

Key words: Balance, diplomacy, grace, sociability, justice, fairness, beauty, elegance, refined sensibilities, mirroring, partnership, relationship, conversation, aesthetics, union, coalesce, harmonize, blend, homogenize, cooperation, symmetry, complimentary

Polarity: Yang. Libra reaches outward toward “other.” Whether that’s other people, the other side, it’s almost aggressive in its attempts to be in relationship with, make beautiful, make smooth.

Modality/Element: Cardinal Air. The initiation of fall. The initiation of thought, ideations, logic, abstraction, a breath of fresh air, a cool breeze

Ruled by Venus: Where Taurus is Venusian in terms of natural pleasures, sensuality, earthly delights, ground under our feet, money in the bank, and the things we can touch, Venusian Libra is the abstract idea of beauty, grace, and equality. It wants to give you or your house a makeover, find a more pleasing way to say it, make sure everyone got their fair share, and rise above vulgar “corporealites.” It wants to elevate (yang), where Taurus wants to sink in (yin).

Ballet vs. Martha Graham

Embodied explorations:

Physical and mental Balances
Breathing that balances
Identifying what we think of as pleasing
Synchronizing or mirroring the movement of others
Partnering with others in tasks or choreography
Social dancing
Dance or theater improvisation games
The practice of oppositional energy
Lower back and hip stabilization/mobilization
Kidney tapping or other qigong type practice to balance energy

Create an outfit, house décor, poem, painting, piece of music, social event or movement that expresses your idea beauty.

Come to an agreement with someone, collaborate, negotiate, or draw up a contract that creates fairness and equality where there currently isn't as much as you like. Be considerate of others needs and your own.

When Libra yields or submits for the sake of outer balance the sacrifice is usually inner balance. 


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