Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Beyond Self-Care (Self-Devotion) /Body Astrology: Virgo

If ever there were a back-to-school sign Virgo is it! Industry, preparation, and study…a nerd’s dream- come- true!

Tireless service and work for their friends, family, community, pets, plants, and the planet; this is how we usually think of the Virgo archetype. Represented by the symbol of The Virgin, it conjures images of purity, chastity, and humility. While Virgo does characterize these virtues, getting too invested in these images of docility does Virgo a deep dis-service.

When Virgo is working well (and work it must) I look to archetypes like the hermit, the savant, the sensei. It’s Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf. It’s Yoda. It’s the artisan or scholar who has forsaken banalities and withdrawn from convention to save themselves for their special purpose. They’re not necessarily keeping themselves pure for God, spouse, lover or master. They’re keeping themselves pure to wed what is divine within the self.

This is self-care that goes above and beyond a nap, facial, and social media detox (though there ain’t nothing wrong with any of that). This is devotion to the union of self with our inherent gifts. It’s putting in the work that might go to being compliant with social expectations, easing discomfort, or getting approval from others and honing your skills instead. Treating your gifts like they matter.

I think  Virgo is the ultimate example of self-sufficiency. When Virgo is on-point it’s so attuned to its own needs and how to be of service to self, that it becomes an expert in its service to others and has vast reserves of energy to get shit done. When Virgo skips the self-service step and goes straight to fixing everyone else, we end up with imbalance: burnout, martyrdom, and depletion. And worst of all, dependency on the dependence of others for their sense of purpose (aka codependency).

We are all here to help each other. But there are healthy (Virgo keyword) ways to support, inspire, and give without compromising our own personal health or diminishing our relationship with ourselves. This is the ultimate personal hygiene and practice of clean energy. Virgo smiles upon on this type of thing.

Margherita Tisato and I are bringing the back-to-school vibes to Juniper again on Wednesday, August 22nd at 7PM.  Join us as we dedicate ourselves to ourselves for the sake of serving others. Giving our absolute best. We’re going to clean out the cupboards and polish ourselves up (metaphorically speaking of course).

Here’s your Body Astrology cheat sheet for Virgo Season:

Body Parts:  digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system, enteric nervous system (second brain).

Keywords: skill, technique, humble service, routines, health, care of plants and animals, system optimization and efficiency, nerd alert, devotion, perfection, details and organization, criticism and editing. IT’S HYGIENE, and maintenance…mental, physical, emotional, financial, relationship. Are you keeping it clean and paying attention to what’s going in and what you’re editing out? It’s learning your scales as opposed to composing a symphony  (which is at the other end of the spectrum in Pisces).

Virgo is about the process and HOW you do something. And the “how” usually has something to do with the following:

The highest standard
The purest form
The most efficient

When we look at the body parts it rules, it’s all about assimilation. The digestive process absorbs what’s nutritious and gets rid of junk and toxins. The spleen is a filter. But one of the most interesting things about Virgo is that it’s ruled by Mercury, so there’s still a strong element of information and communication involved, but in an earthy (practical, material, sensual) way. Unlike Mercurial Gemini, which I think of as the communication of facts, words, and logic, Mercurial Virgo is the communication of body knowledge. It’s visceral. It’s the essential knowing of what’s good for us, whether or not we have the words to express it.

Modality: Mutable. Virgo is a flexible and adaptable sign. Where Gemini multitasks mentally and perceptively, Virgo multitasks by analyzing multiple situations for the purpose of concrete outcomes and productivity.

Element: Earth. Virgo wants results for its massive efforts. Virgo wants to see a finished product that is free from flaws.

Symbol: The Virgin. Someone who is pure, devoted, and assigned a very specific purpose. The virgin archetype is very different than how we use the word in our nomenclature. Virgo is not naive or prudish. The virgin is independent and unto themselves. Untainted by anything toxic that might interfere with its mission.

Polarity: yin. I think of Virgo as the Mercury principle introverted. Sort of like Mercury retrograde.

Embodied Explorations:

Focusing the mind. Meditation. Mental hygiene. Watching the thoughts we allow ourselves to get involved in. Discerning what is useful and what is not.

Yoga for the express purpose of directing the mind and down-regulating the nervous system.

Efficient movement. Think Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais or another form that focuses on efficiency in effort and mechanics. Pilates!

Clean, specific, detailed movement and linking it to a purpose i.e. ergonomics and functional fitness.

Organ massage. Detoxifying breath. Ayurvedic techniques.

How do we maintain our bodies, minds and lifestyles so they function well for a long time? 

See you soon! XC


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