Monday, October 16, 2017

10/10/17 Jupiter ingress Scorpio. All Dark Corners Illuminated

(I know I’m supposed to write about the new moon in Libra, but I think this is way more important. AND I’ve written about Libra/Aries oppositions at least 3 times this year AND that’s what we have in store at this new moon: Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. Yes. We are still dancing to this song. You can check the other posts out here and here and here. They are still relevant!)

Imagine. You are lying in bed trying to get some sleep, but a rotten smell is becoming ever more pungent as the days progress. You kind of know that it’s coming from underneath the bed. You even have a vague inkling of what might be so stinky. The unpleasant odor you hoped was a figment of your imagination has ripened into a full-blown stench and you can’t ignore it anymore. 

Thing is, you haven’t looked under the bed in ages. You think, “maybe I can plug in the vacuum cleaner and stick the nozzle under there and just suck everything up. I won’t have to deal with anything gross…it’ll be fast.” But then, you remember that you also hid some valuables under there, and you don’t remember exactly where.

You come to the daunting conclusion that you’re going to have to get on your hands and knees with a high-powered flashlight and sift through all of the sticky, dust covered stuff and actually inspect it. Take a good hard look and identify treasure from trash if you want have a good night’s sleep again.

Either that or have that extra drink/cigarette/toke/snack/10 more minutes of internet/TV-zone out time; increase those behaviors as stench increases…

Jupiter ingressed Scorpio last week.

Jupiter is the flashlight, the treasure hunt and the knowledge that’s found on the expedition. Scorpio is everything we keep under the bed and whatever grows in the dark.
We get a year of Jupiter in Scorpio and that’s a BIG FAT FUCKING DEAL.

BIG- Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It expands everything it touches and illuminates our minds. It rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is always trying to make our world bigger though international travel, higher education, philosophy, and the spiritual.  Jupiter is also the planet of largesse and leisure. Too much is never enough especially when it involves a good time or broadcasting their moral and ethical “truths” far and wide. Unchecked, all that, ahem, generosity can turn into laziness, sloth, and overly subjective judgment.

FAT- When Jupiter energy is balanced we have abundance, luck, and supported expansion. We’re living large in life’s voluptuous bounty. When Jupiter energy is not balanced we have excess, waste, and a scattered and squandered dispersal of resources and energy.

FUCKING- Scorpio is about fucking. Okay, I’ll elaborate. Scorpio is about the merging of bodies, emotions, psyches, and resources in the name of destroying the boundaries that keep things and people separate. But, IDEALLY it is destruction as the supreme act of creation. Usually all that merging and destruction churns up a lot of uncomfortable feelings. Scorpio rules all of the ways we deal (therapy, research, psychology, surgery), or do not deal (addiction/abuse in ALL its forms) with pain and intensity.

DEAL- All arrangements between 2 or more people involve the distribution of power and control. Scorpio is all about who has it, wants it, surrenders it, and how it moves. In the preceding sign of Libra we draw up all of our 50/50 contracts with the best of intentions. When we move on to Scorpio shit gets real, and it’s about the parts of the deal that can’t be quantified. Scorpio does everything in the dark and it is never balanced. When we get into bed with people (sexually, financially, artistically, professionally) it is never 50/50.  Someone always has at little more power, a little more  to lose…and it always shifts, and it’s totally fine. It’s not fine when the one in power abuses it.

I’m actually pretty excited about this shift. Jupiter did its best in Libra the past 12/13 months but was challenged by Uranus in Aries every step of the way. Jupiter’s tenure in Scorpio looks pretty supported the whole way through. For those of us who’ve been cleaning under the bed on a fairly regular basis, we’re going to get easy and totally not scary access to some hidden treasure with Jupiter’s help. Anyone who’s been trying to heal, research, refine, uncover truth, feel/understand deeply, and amass power in a responsible way might be in for a super sexy and intensely gratifying 12-month stretch.

Those of us who’ve swept so many things under the rug that you have to climb up and over it because it will no longer lay flat…um, life could get challenging. It’s going to be really hard to keep secrets. And let’s be clear, secrets are different from privacy. Scorpio looooooves its privacy, and everyone is entitled to theirs. But, a secret is different in that it is usually kept with the intention to deceive (this includes lies of omission). And why do people feel like they need to deceive? Usually to feel powerful…because they actually are powerless. This is Scorpio’s domain, its playground, its school. We are going to get a master class in power dynamics over the next 12 months on a global scale and in our most intimate relationships with other people and ourselves.

All dark corners will be illuminated. For better or worse.

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