Saturday, March 11, 2017

Full moon Virgo 3/12/17. Well-oiled intention (for “divine perfection”).

Y’all know that when full moons come around I like to talk about the whole axis. I often refer to the Virgo-Pisces axis as the healing-illness axis or the perfection-purity axis. Today I’d like to talk about it as the craftsmanship-artistry axis. Think about the sublime situations you hope to cultivate, and ask yourself if your craftsmanship is solid enough for the sublime to even be recognized.

That being said.

Shit shit shit! Aw man. It’s here. I already know this Virgo moon is going to call me out on not sticking to a writing schedule, staying out too late, and drinking too much. It’s going to nag me about squandering time, energy, money, and hanging out too long in chaotically blissed-out Pisces. It’s gonna get on my case about making a mess, leaving work undone, and daydreaming.

Well, this last Pisces eclipse WAS about letting go, but in Pisces it’s easy to lose consciousness and get washed away with the tide. Enter Virgo with a mop and a bucket.

Virgo irons its jeans, and has designated sleepwear. The pantry is stocked with high quality food, and everything is labeled. There are schedules and routines. Maintenance is regularly performed for optimal functioning. Virgo at its best is well-oiled intention.

On any given evening Pisces might sleep naked, or in their best suit. In the morning they’ll throw on whatever’s closest to them and hope they can remember where the clean underwear is. So engrossed are they with their telepathic conversation with the muse, they’ll forget to eat, but somehow manage to score an invite to a five star fete because someone found them deliciously interesting. Pisces at its best rubs shoulders with divine perfection.

These two are at it again! Yes, we saw the end of the Virgo-Pisces eclipses, but it won’t stop the moon’s visits. This time, life wants to you to get your Virgo on in spite of some heavy Pisces influence. This Virgo moon is going to make you work. Some of you will love this energy! You nerds know who you are. You may even get a gold star at this full moon for your hard work. As you can probably guess, Virgo is very difficult for me personally. But, I have made peace with, it. Nothing happens without it.

This Virgo moon comes with a fresh Mars in Taurus and Saturn squaring a party in Pisces (Chiron, Sun, Mercury). The hammer’s coming down this month. Expect to be shown the crevices you forgot to clean and the bills you forgot to pay (literally and metaphorically). It’s not fun, but we need these reality checks if we are to move forward with our magical enterprise.

Virgo gets a bad rap for being mundane and hypercritical. No, it’s not glamorous, but who cares?! It’s essential. It’s useful. Being useful is beautiful. Virgo is going to ask you if your romance serves a purpose. Are your projects sustainable? Do your dreams serve your fellow humans and your planet, or just your ego? Is your body, mind, or bank account healthy enough to support the activities you’re participating in? ACCOUNTABILITY. This full moon may hurt, but you will have no question as to what area of your life needs retooling.

Virgo cares. Virgo cares enough to get it right. It’s a tending energy (they love to tend to their plants, animals, and peoples). When Virgo loses its balance, that care turns to worry, perfectionism, and nitpicking. So, keep your eye on that.

If you get your ducks in a row this month and bring some of those Pisces visions down to earth, they’ll fly come spring-summer.

So, see you in the produce section, yoga class…at work.

I’ll say more about Venus retrograde next time along with the Aries new moon. X

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