Thursday, November 30, 2017

Full Moon Gemini. Mercury Retrograde 12/3/17 Bend and the World Bends with You.

I wish everyone luck this December, including myself. I’m already getting the business end of this lunation. I’m almost afraid to post this. But we can’t hide under the bed at every Mercury retrograde or Saturn transit. We have to take our lumps and LEARN: how to balance realistic thinking with lofty ideals, distinguishing unresolved feelings from logical thoughts, and mindful communication. The next two weeks are about restructuring the mind and telling fact from fiction. Give yourself and others extra helpings of time to think and formulate. Slow the internal tempo down so you can take in new information (that might actually be reformulated old information) and make needed adjustments.

But wait, isn’t Gemini supposed to be the fleet footed jack-of-all-trades? The master multitasker and messenger of the divine? Shouldn’t a full moon in Gemini be a gabfest, a piñata full of gadgets, smooth, fast, multilingual conversation? Well, sure. That’s one way it could go down on any other Gemini moon, but not this one.

Here’s what makes this one truly special:

a)     It’s ruled by Mercury retrograde (stationing ON the day of the full moon)
b)    Mercury is in Sagittarius (in its UNhappy place aka its detriment)
c)     Mercury is conjunct Saturn (ruler of the finite, form, and 3D reality)
d)    Full moon is square Neptune (ruler of the infinite, the formless, and fantasy)

This is so complex I’m going speak imagistically about the ways you might experience this:

You’re in the middle of a long corridor. At one end of the corridor is a perfectly idealized version of love. At the other end of the corridor is a grossly exaggerated representation of your darkest fears. If you move toward your fears and get a closer look at them you’re guaranteed a new level of knowledge and self-mastery. There are no guarantees if you move toward the idealizations (might be everything you hoped for, you might be sorely dissapointed). The ends of each corridor are equally tempting and horrifying, urging you to move quickly. Oh, and the entire floor is marble and it’s been doused with soapy water.

Your friends are waiting for you at the beach. It’s a perfect day. The only route you know has been closed and you’re skeptical about the detour, but you don’t have any maps with you, your smart phone is dead, and you’re the only one out on the road. You really want to get to the beach and you don’t want to worry your friends. You either take a leap of faith and drive the sketchy looking detour or go back home and get all the navigation tools that you’re used to using. Do you stick with the original goal and go about it the way you’re used to, even though it might cost you the day? Or, are you flexible enough to see where the road you’re on leads, and maybe even decide you want to spend the day differently?

Someone is saying all the right things to you. They make total sense. You agree with them. But, you don’t believe them. You don’t trust them.

A situation doesn’t quite make logical sense to you. You’re not quite sure it's worth doing. But, you know you need to be in it. It feels right. You trust it.

This full moon trust your bones over your brain. Brain not work so well right now.

When Mercury gets sleepy (read: goes retrograde, gets stuck with Saturn in Sagittarius) it happens so that other avenues wake up. Emotions, intuition, and senses get woken up and we may be forced to experiment, improvise, create innovative workarounds. Sometimes we get stuck in patterns of thought, and use habitual thought forms as a crutch. We may tell ourselves it’s for efficiency, legitimacy, or practicality, but most of the time it’s out of fear. Fear of the unknown, failure, getting hurt, or disapproval from others. This full moon may point out some of those habits by denying you access to them. It wants to show you that you are much more than habit, mindless routine, unquestioned preferences, and unexamined traditions.

Where communication is concerned take nothing for granted. This is another place we get lazy. If two people are lazy enough with their speaking and listening, they might not even be in the same conversation. Slow down. Pay attention. Rushing to judgement on anything right now would be a big mistake. Huge. We are all having useful info about the way we’ve been thinking and communicating handed to us. Unfortunately it might come in the form of breakdowns…but it doesn’t have to. If you do find yourself with a breakdown, try living with it. Ditch your old computer, phone, television habits, communication style, or thought pattern for a while and find another route. Feel other parts of yourself.

Flexibility and care will get you through the next month. Bend and the world bends with you.

Bonus points: watch or re-watch The Matrix. Meditate.

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