Sunday, July 24, 2016

Astrology Basics Workshop: Archetype & Narrative

Hi There Astro Friends!

The time has come for me to help you learn to read your own charts!

For those of you who have been enjoying your readings and monthly Astro-Counseling, I would like to offer you another way to deepen your personal and creative work. Knowing how to study your own chart is a highly valuable skill that you can use in a variety of ways, and is a different experience than a reading or Astro-Counseling session.

Studying your own chart is a meditation and internal adventure. It’s navel-gazing with intention. It’s creating with purpose. We spend a lot of time looking out at the world and investing our energies in the external environment, interpreting ourselves through our daily activities and relationships with other people.

Working with your own chart offers a space for deep exploration of the self…with tools! It provides a time to honor your complexity; to know, understand, and integrate the many parts of yourself that are sometimes in conflict with each other, hidden, or exaggerated. It’s a great way to situate yourself in nature, develop a unique relationship with time, and discover new ways of seeing.

I would like to teach a beginner’s workshop this summer in late August or early September. If you are interested, please get in touch with me, with preferred times/dates. I will select a date that works for most people.

About Astrology Basics:
·      We will study planetary archetypes and astrological signs.

·      We will touch upon a few lenses to help you begin to construct narrative in your birth chart.

·      I would like to keep these workshops small (no more than 6).

·      We will be using your personal birth charts (unless you don’t want to, we’ll make up a fake one).

·      Yes, I would like to do this regularly, going forward. If I hear from more than 6 of you I will add   another workshop date.

·      If you are one of my west coast or nomadic clients, I would like to offer you a free workshop and reading if you host me in your hometown for a few days. I will also be taking reservations for private groups and special/advanced topics, i.e. relationships, Saturn return, etc.

Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested. More info: here
Love, SPF, and Hydration,

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