Sunday, June 5, 2016

Body Intelligence Summer Fellowship. Apply Now!

Happy Almost-Summer!

Educators and bodyworkers of all stripes,
I’m happy to offer a paid summer fellowship to one practitioner who’s looking to advance their teaching skills. Read on for more info:

Looking for one special practitioner to study with me this summer, July-September, and possibly work with a couple of clients when I’m not available.

I’m open to practitioners who work in a variety of body-mind modalities. In fact, my only hard and fast requirements are X-Ray vision, a psychic scalpel, and commitment to facilitating deep transformation in those you work with (also, please have 5+ years of teaching/therapy experience, a passion for educating people, and continuing to develop your personal teaching practice). That's all! Preference given to former mentees and teacher training students.

Examples of modalities that I’m open to, include:
Pilates, yoga, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, Zero Balancing, Klein technique, Body Mind Centering, Rolfing, Crainiosacral therapy, DermoNeuroModulation, and students from The Breathing Project.

Fellowship includes:

·      Travel /food stipend (provided by SGF Foundation)
·      Observation and practical study with me on real clients
·      Mentorship
·      Possible clients after study is completed

Focal point of study:

·      How to identify, create, and implement a course of movement treatment
·      How to cultivate an intimate and safe environment for clients to work in (and do it very quickly).
·      Given the subjects we’ll be working with, you’ll get a closer look at conditions like Scoliosis, chronic pain, anxiety disorder, and PTSD

Please email for an application

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