Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Hours + Post Natal + Pilates Surf Clinic

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Well, the results from my last blood test showed that my Vitamin D levels are a little low. So, I'm off to get some sun; doctor's orders...who am I to argue? I will be back next week, then I'm off again for 2 weeks (my room is still available to rent btw).

I have received generous support to write about and research neuroscience in relationship to movement and will be attending a conference in California. While out there, I would also like to start work on designing a Pilates Surf Clinic and tour it around in 2015/16. I'll even do one in NYC if there's enough interest (I KNOW there's a handful of NYC surfers on this list). These two disciplines inform each other on so many levels.  It would be a waste not to use their complimentary techniques to creatively study balance, proprioception, directing subtle energy and more!

I'm also working on getting a postnatal group going for winter. Basically, all of you who were doing prenatal in 2014 should be ready for postnatal by the time I'm back. Yes. You are ready! Bring new mom friends!

ATTN: Teachers and apprentices!
I need a sub for my private Tribeca group. Message me for more info. They'd prefer Pilates but I think they would also be happy with yoga and some core strengthening.

Finally, I just want to thank you for one of the most interesting, rewarding, and exciting years of movement...I'll see you soon. xxC


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