Friday, October 24, 2014

Book a November series + Visit us upstate

Alas, another booked week. November opens up considerably, but I still urge you to book ahead.

...or better yet, book a series. The first 3 weeks of November are quite flexible for me. If it is within your power to set aside 6 (or more) days/times over that time period, I will block them off for you and fellow students. It's a perfect way to ground yourselves (physically, emotionally, and mentally) before the holidays take over your lives!

In other news, my dear collaborator/colleague, Brent and I just bought a house upstate. I would love to be able to offer workshops and retreats this summer. In order to do that, we need to do some serious sprucing, and would love help in any way, shape, or form. If you're interested we can offer you a warm and comfortable place to stay in Kingston where you can also enjoy all that upstate NY has to offer this fall (or winter, if you like that sort of thing). The place is functional, warm, and clean; we just want to make it as beautiful as we possibly can.

If you would like to do a retreat of your own when the weather gets warmer, we can discuss a more involved investment of "sweat equity." Again, any help is appreciated and please spread the word to your friends. So much gratitude for your many years of patronage, inspiration, and good times...more to come!



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  2. Thanks so much. I need to be more disciplined about posting. Please visit when you're in New York!