Friday, November 15, 2013

November 16-23 @ SPINE studios

A few announcements:

1) The friggin' L train is down this weekend between Manhattan and Brooklyn !#$^&!. If you are visiting me this weekend. Please plan accordingly.

2) I am not teaching late night on Tuesday because I'm going to the fundraiser listed below. Let me know if you'd like to join or make a donation.

3) THE NEW EQUIPMENT IS HERE!  I'm doing reduced priced private sessions in the new space on Morgan Ave. until the end of the year---especially for those of you who have never been on it before, or you might as well have never been on it because it has been years. If you do want to hop on some new equipment during your private, please mention it in your reservation request. Have a wonderful weekend!

Next week's availability:

Sunday, November 17th

Monday, November 18th
8:30PM Open Mat Class, Loom Yoga Center

Tuesday, November 19th
Fundraiser for the Philippines

Wednesday, November, 20th
10:45 AM Greenpoint Tattoo Company Open Mat Class

Thursday, November 21st

Friday, November 22nd

Saturday, November 23rd

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