Friday, September 20, 2013

This week in movement 9/15-9/21

Started the week with Becoming Corpus at BAM. Contemporary Butoh and the marriage of video projection and movement. From a movement perspective, it was conceptually confused and by turns frenetic and belabored. The exceptional video work and sound on the other hand was focused and quite dazzling--but sadly, only existed to support choreography that lacked clarity. The job of transitioning from idea to idea was left solely to lighting and video. Actually, Brian Seibert's account in NYT is spot on.

Ending the week with Drill Piece at CPR. Got to hang out with Motley Dance during rehearsal and snap these pics:

More pics and my interview with Elisabeth Motley can be found on the Dance Enthusiast.

And here's my availability for next week:

Monday, September 23rd
8:30PM-9PM @ Loom Yoga

Tuesday, September 24th

Wednesday, September 25th

Thursday, September 26th

Friday, September 27th

Saturday, September 28th

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