Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Leo 8/21/17 Cycles, Containers, Change, and Choice.

The eclipse is a big deal, and it’s not. WE are a big deal though. This eclipse is a rare and significant symbol of a time in a cycle. Read your history books, your economic and social studies books, read your geology and agriculture books or this article in NewYork Magazine. All things cycle through; the lunar cycle, the seasons, plant life, the menstrual cycle, sun up and sun down. We are at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Cycles and time frames are pretty reliable containers.

Our actions at different points in a cycle are what make the difference. Change happens to every living thing. Change defines cycles. You can’t stop it. When we try, things get ugly. Change has already happened and what’s been percolating has already reared its head. Any suffering and discord we experience now are at the hands of the hands that won't let go of the old…most likely out of fear. According to the poetry of the sky and my latest astro-crush Austin Coppock, what we are dealing with at this eclipse is a “crisis of leadership.” When we have 18 months of Aquarius and Leo on the nodal axis and a history-making total solar eclipse in Leo, it’s all about who’s running the show. I’ve heard a lot of astrologers refer to this time in a lot of different and very specific ways, but I think Austin put it most succinctly and diplomatically, without divining war, impeachment, or global totalitarianism. Quite simply, who’s in charge (Leo)? And, how are the beneficiaries of said leadership responding (Aquarius)?  

The way these times of great change unfold depends on all of the decisions, small and large that “we the people” make everyday. How well do we look after each other? How actively involved are we in the small, unglamorous, and anonymous (Leo hates these words btw) decision-making processes of how we’re governed and how we live? When we buy things and participate in groups what are we REALLY supporting? How much responsibility and therefore ownership, and therefore LEADERSHIP do we take over our own lives? And here’s the big one: how much do we still subscribe to old paradigms of competition, hierarchy, and “progress” for progress' sake? Because those times are already over. Anyone still scrambling for the spoils of “making it” to “the top”  to have more (power, recognition, resources) than someone else, or securing an elite or privileged position are living in some sorely outdated constructs. C’mon. So 1980! But the interesting/scary/precarious thing is that even though those constructs have been exposed as being broken they can still be edified by WHAT PEOPLE DO, and don’t do. How are we going to do leadership from here on out? That is completely up to us. All astrology tells us is what time it is and what the task at hand is. It tells us the shape of our containers.  But WE fill those containers with the content of our own making.

For example, my astrological container is strikingly similar to Donald Trump’s.  Along with every other astrologer in the world I’ve been watching the 28-29th degree of Leo like a hawk, but with some vested interest. This is Trump’s rising point, it’s my rising point, and it’s where this powerful eclipse takes place. A new moon on one’s natal ascendant usually points to a major new chapter in one’s life; a new way of showing up in the world. The 29th degree is often referred to as the anaretic degree, which can point to an exceptionally potent (for better or worse) expression of a sign. In this case, the sign is Leo. In this case we’re talking about a whole new expression of self that’s either ego driven or heart driven. DT and I are on the same cycle. For the past year we’ve probably been grappling with a lot of the same issues, and at about the same time we’ll have some similar karmic tipping point. When I use the word karma, I’m not talking about anything esoteric, just simple cause and effect. We both have made decisions, and acted upon them, and in the next 6 months we’ll see some repercussions and there will be change. (The corresponding full moon to this new moon is in 6 months--the culmination).

It’s solar eclipse time (basically new moon on steroids) so there will be big, irrevocable change that happens at an accelerated pace. Eclipses open a door to all of the latent karma that’s been building over time. It exposes it, then pushes out what needs to go and pulls in what needs to enter.  It's the fast track. Then those doors shut for good. Voila, whole new ball game. What happens to this man who is so different from me will be very similar. We live in this world together. We have very different lives because of what we were born into, but also because of choices during cycles.

Now, does this eclipse effect you even if you don’t have a strong Leo or Aquarius signature? Yes. Even if this special timing doesn’t hit your personal chart in a significant way, you live in this world at this point in time. You are in relationship with everything and everyone who is effected by this time. You are witness and participant during this time of leadership crisis even if you think you’re not. What happens to you, happens to me, happens to the world we live in. We are all part of the problem and the solution.

This moment in time is a call to be responsive to change without dictating it. Dictating comes from the ego and fear. Responsiveness is listening and acting consciously with courage (Leo key word). For a long time American culture especially has found a lot of value and pride (another Leo key word) in bending the environment and each other to our wills. It obviously doesn’t work. Neither does “going with the flow,” an idiom I’ve always had issue with, mostly when people use it to excuse a type of passivity or lack of consciousness which is just as harmful as forcing your will on life. In either situation there’s no listening or responding.

How much responsibility are we willing to assume for our own fate?  Will we continue to assign blame to others for what we’re unhappy with? Will we continue to ignore people we don’t “identify” with? These are the Leo-Aquarius questions. This is the focus for the next year. Look, we’re either all in this together or we’re not. We either use what makes each individual unique and special to usher in greater tolerance and understanding or we don’t. We create leadership that’s focused on serving all instead of ruling all…or we don’t. I ask these questions just as much of myself because what happens to me, happens to you. May this eclipse put you on the fast track to heart centered purpose and joy...Leo at its best.

See you on the other side. XC

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