Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter News and Availability + Coming to Cali + Help me find an apartment in April

Hi All,
So this history-making snow-bomb that's coming for the east coast has grounded the flight that I was supposed to be on tomorrow, and put me on a Monday flight. Therefore, obviously, Monday sessions are canceled. I will be seeing clients again on Tuesday.

I will be leaving for my west coast "tour" on February 11th. Actually, my tour starts with a private gig in Tulum. But, if you're going to be in the LA/OC area between February 18th and March 22nd, please gimme a shout. During that time I will be teaching locally and doing readings via Skype. End of February into early March, I'll actually be in San Diego (neurobiology conference) and Joshua Tree (art project) and will be offline Feb. 26th-March 7th.

So, you'll get me fresh in the spring. I'm expecting to resume sessions in early April. Of course I will be reaching out before I return to set up new schedules and programming (oh yeah, a bunch of new stuff comin' at ya in April). A lot depends on when I find a new apartment. So, if any of you are aware of a sublet situation coming up in spring, let me know. I think it would actually be cool to try a couple neighborhoods out before I settle. Spread the word please!

Please contact me if you need help arranging for subs.

Massive warm hugs to all!

Here is what's left of the winter/Bushwick situation:

Wednesday, January 27th
Greenpoint Tattoo Co. Class 10:45AM
Tribeca Class 6:00PM

Thursday, January 28th
Open sign-up Noon

Friday, January 29th
Open sign up 5PM-7PM

Monday, February, 1st
Tribeca Class 6:00PM

Tuesday, February 2nd
Open sign up Noon-2PM

Wednesday, February 3rd
Greenpoint Tattoo Co. Class 10:45AM
Open Sign up 1PM-4PM
Tribeca Class 6:00PM

Thursday, February 4th
Open Sign up 6PM-8PM

Monday, February 8th
Tribeca Class 6:00PM

Wednesday, February 10th
Greenpoint Tattoo Class 10:45AM
Tribeca Class 6:00PM

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